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Rats are larger than mice. The Norway rat and the black rat resemble each other, but they do not behave the same way. The Norway rat constructs elaborate networks of galleries and burrows at ground level. The black rat is an agile climber who prefers to live in trees and infests the upper floors of buildings.

  • Can weigh up to 0.5kg (1lb)
  • Coat varies from greyish to dark brown depending on species
  • Large, rounded, thin ears and an elongated muzzle
  • Tail longer than body
  • Appreciates the heights or low parts of buildings according to species
  • Penetrates openings of more than 12mm (1.2cm)
  • Can reach up to 50 individuals
  • The Norway rat searches for food in sewers or dumps
  • The black rat follows the same route between its shelter and food or water source
  • Prefers vegetable foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds and roots
  • Also prefers animal food and meat depending on the species
  • Eat at once in one place
  • Lives 2-4 years depending on gender
  • Will have 4 to 7 litters per year according to species
  • Each litter contains 4 to 14 small ones depending on the species

If you suspect activities in your basement or roof, if you hear nocturnal steps in your ceilings, you may have an infestation. Often, the problem will be left out in doubt or uncertainty. Yet the situation is getting worse!

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