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Squirrels are rodents that carry heights such as trees, power lines, roofs of houses, etc. They are an integral part of our urban setting and are very present throughout the year. They are often found close to our homes, and sometimes even show up our terraces and balconies in search of food.

  • Coat of gray or black Nature
  • Color varies according to season
  • Appearance of rodent family
  • Its diet varies according to the seasons
  • Can eat seeds in bird feeders in the winter period
  • Feeds on a wide variety of berries and other wild fruits, seeds, berries and apples
  • In the fall, he buries hundreds of nuts and seeds for the winter
  • Eats insects, caterpillars, and occasionally eggs and nestlings still in the nest.
  • Two breeding periods per year
  • A litter has an average of 3 small ones
  • The longevity is 10-13 years
  • Breeds in January and July

The presence of squirrels can be pleasant and appreciated in certain seasons of the year. However they can prove very quickly to be invasive and cause damage to our buildings, structure and our property.

Do you think squirrels have settled in your roof? You suspect that a live squirrel in your balcony? You find your garbage upside down or your lids gnawed? It’s possible!

Call us without delay! An expert will be available to answer your questions and indicate the right steps to follow.

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