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The confusion between carpenter ants and black ants is a common challenge for many homeowners in Quebec. Although they may seem similar at first glance, these two species of ants have very distinct characteristics and behaviors, with different implications for your home. This article aims to clarify these differences and explain why it is essential to correctly identify these pests.



Identification: Carpenter Ant vs Black Ant


The carpenter ant is notably larger than the black ant, with a length that can reach 13 mm, compared to about 4 to 5 mm for the common black ant. Carpenter ants also have a more rounded and uniform thorax, while black ants have a more irregular thorax. Moreover, carpenter ants can exhibit a color range from black to reddish-brown, unlike black ants, which are generally uniformly black.



Habitat and Behavior


Carpenter ants prefer moist and decaying wood to establish their nest, which often leads them to settle in the wooden structures of houses, potentially causing significant damage to the framework. In contrast, black ants are more versatile in terms of habitat and do not cause structural damage to buildings.



The Impact on Structures


The most critical distinction between these two types of ants lies in their impact on the structures of houses. Carpenter ants are known for their ability to damage wood when they establish their colonies. If not controlled, they can compromise the structural integrity of the wood. On the contrary, black ants do not pose such a risk, as they do not burrow into wood to nest.



When to Call a Pest Management Professional?


The presence of carpenter ants in a property is an alarm signal that requires prompt intervention from a pest management professional. A specialist can assess the extent of the infestation, locate the main nest, and develop a tailored treatment plan to eliminate the colony while preventing future infestations. On the other hand, while black ants can be a nuisance, they generally do not require the urgent intervention of a professional unless there is a massive infestation.





Understanding the difference between carpenter ants and black ants is crucial for protecting your home against potential damage. While the black ant can be an annoying pest, the carpenter ant represents a serious threat to the structure of your property. In case of doubt or the presence of carpenter ants, it is advisable to contact a pest management professional for an appropriate assessment and treatment. Recognizing these differences enables you to take the necessary steps to maintain the safety and integrity of your home.


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