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Insect infestations, particularly those of houseflies, are common problems in restaurants in Quebec. Not only can they cause disgust for customers, but they can also cause damage to food and kitchen equipment. It is therefore important to take measures to ensure impeccable hygiene.

Fortunately, there are several effective methods for controlling flies in a restaurant. If you have fly problems in your establishment, here are some tips and techniques used by professional and certified exterminators:


Keep your restaurant clean and tidy

Flies are attracted to food and waste, so make sure to regularly clean your restaurant and throw away waste as soon as you have the opportunity.


Use fly traps

Fly traps can be very effective in controlling fly populations in a restaurant. There are several types of fly traps available, such as pheromone traps and ultraviolet neon fly lights with sticky boards, commonly known as “fly lights” or “Fly lights.”


Use fly control insecticides

There are several chemicals specifically designed to kill or repel flies. These products can be used alone or in combination with other control methods. Always check the homologation to ensure that the product is authorized.


Keep doors and windows closed

Flies can enter a restaurant through open doors and windows. Make sure to close them properly to prevent flies from entering your establishment.


Use insect screens

 If you have open doors or windows that cannot be closed, you can use insect screens to prevent flies from entering your restaurant.


Apply regular treatments

To prevent a fly infestation, it is important to apply regular preventive treatments in your restaurant. Professional exterminators can help you establish a regular treatment program to protect your establishment from flies.


By using these techniques, you should be able to effectively control flies in your restaurant. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have persistent problems or if you are not sure of the best way to manage a fly infestation in your establishment.

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