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Similar to many insects, such as wasps, lady beetles become active primarily in spring and fall. With the arrival of thawing, these small insects awaken and seek refuge in our homes. Although these insects are generally considered harmless, even adorable, a lady beetle invasion can become problematic. Learn how to prevent and manage a lady beetle infestation in your home.


Why do lady beetles infest your home?


During winter, lady beetles enter a phase called “diapause,” a form of hibernation. Unlike mammals and other endothermic organisms that produce their own heat, insects significantly slow down their metabolic activity. This phenomenon is genetically determined and triggered by changes in the duration of daylight and nighttime. That’s why all lady beetles seem to want to enter our homes at the same time—they seek to hibernate together. In fact, they communicate through pheromones and invite their fellow beetles to gather and spend winter together.


How to prevent lady beetles from entering your home?


Lady beetles are extremely tiny and can enter through tiny gaps, such as door and window cracks. However, when they arrive in hundreds or thousands, they mainly enter through other areas, like vents in attics or drop ceilings. Here are some measures you can take to make their intrusion more difficult:


– Inspect the inside and outside of your home for cracks or small openings and seal them as much as possible.

– Check all the seals around windows and doors and repair or replace them if necessary.

– Install a rubber door sweep under the main entrance and garage door for better insulation and insect protection.

– Repair holes in screens or replace them if needed.

– Thoroughly inspect outdoor plants and flowers before bringing them indoors to check for the presence of lady beetles.



Early winterizing of your home can help



If you’re accustomed to taking certain steps to winterize your interior, such as installing door sweeps or caulking windows, consider doing it earlier in the year, for example, starting in September. Not only will you benefit from milder temperatures for working outside, but you’ll also create an effective barrier against lady beetles before their diapause period when they seek to enter.


What doesn’t deter lady beetles from invading your home



On the internet, you can find many tips on using certain herbs or essential oils to repel lady beetles. However, unlike other insects like aphids, lady beetles are less sensitive to these odors. Their survival instinct that drives them to gather and seek warmth is stronger than any other influence.


How to get rid of lady beetles inside your home?


If your home is invaded by lady beetles, the simplest solution is to vacuum them up. You can then release them outside, but make sure to do it far from your house. Alternatively, you can also sweep them up with a broom and dustpan and then take them outside. Be careful not to crush them inside your home as they emit an unpleasant odor when squished and can stain surfaces.


When to call a pest management professional, commonly known as an exterminator?


An occasional lady beetle invasion in spring or fall is not uncommon or alarming. Once the lady beetles have been removed from your home, the problem should not recur anytime soon. However, if you are constantly battling them and the problem persists, don’t hesitate to call professionals. Exterminators such as Exterminatek can identify the entry sources of these small creatures, secure those areas, and implement effective prevention strategies.


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