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In the world of pest management, there are two worlds: the interior and exterior of your home. Your home may be prone to the invasion of several kinds of pests. All these pests come from the environment around your home, the outside. To prevent intrusion, this starts with caulking.

Take the time to identify all entry points at the perimeter:

  • The entry points of the pipes, cables or other connections
  • The outline of doors, windows, garage doors and patio doors
  • The carrying connections of your terrace, balcony, or patio
  • The space between the bottom of your house and the structure
  • The openings at the perimeter of your roof such as the soffit and the wall
  • The vegetation or branches in contact with the structure

Sometimes caulking is minor and requires only a small intervention. In the case of major works, it may be necessary to use an extermination company offering these types of services (see caulking materials used with your exterminator).

Tip: it is possible to install boxes containing rodenticide at the perimeter of your house in order to avoid the intrusion of rodent at the arrival of autumn.

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