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In the collective imagination, the term “extermination” evokes strong images, often associated with radical and indiscriminate destruction. However, in Quebec, the industry has evolved towards a more nuanced and professional approach: pest management. This article explores the fundamental difference between these two concepts, highlighting the industry’s commitment to respectful and effective methods.



The evolution of terms: from extermination to pest management


In the field of pest control, Quebec has witnessed a paradigm shift, moving from extermination to pest management. This change in terminology is not trivial; it reflects a significant evolution in the practices and attitude of the industry. While extermination suggests an approach often perceived as brutal and final, pest management implies a more thoughtful and sustainable strategy, focused on prevention, accurate diagnosis, and targeted intervention.


The role of the Quebec Pest Management Association (AQGP)



The Quebec Pest Management Association (AQGP) plays a crucial role in this transformation. As a representative body, the AQGP aims to promote best practices in the industry, ensuring that its members adhere to high standards of quality and ethics. The association also works to educate the public about the benefits of a pest management approach, which not only solves pest problems effectively but also ensures the safety and well-being of residents.



Extermination vs Pest Management: A question of perception and practice


Although the term “extermination” remains widely used, particularly in online searches, many companies in Quebec now adopt the term “pest management” in their communication. This terminological transition is strategic, aiming to align public perception with the industry’s current practices, which are more environmentally friendly and focused on sustainability.



Why do companies still use the term “extermination”?


Despite this evolution, the term “extermination” continues to be used, mainly because of its prevalence in consumer internet searches. Companies use this term to ensure they remain visible and accessible to those looking for solutions to their pest problems. However, they strive to re-educate the public, clarifying that their services go beyond mere elimination, encompassing comprehensive and respectful pest management.





Pest management in Quebec symbolizes a commitment to a balanced and thoughtful approach in combating pests, marking a significant advancement over traditional extermination methods. By choosing professionals who prioritize pest management, Quebecers benefit from responsible services that respect health, safety, and the environment, while ensuring sustainable results. This terminological and practical evolution reflects the industry’s desire to enhance its image and align with contemporary values of respect and professionalism.

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