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Starlings, while admired for their spectacular formation flights, can become a source of problems when they settle in large numbers in residential or commercial spaces. Their mass presence can cause inconvenience and requires a professional and respectful control strategy.


Identifying Starlings



Starlings are distinguished by their size, their color changing according to the season, and their social behavior. Their ability to form large groups makes their management particularly tricky. Accurate identification is important to establish an appropriate control strategy.


Professional Control Methods



Site Inspection

The first step involves conducting a detailed inspection to identify activity areas, the size of the population, and potential entry points. This assessment determines the most appropriate control strategy.


Physical Control Solutions



Protective Nets

Installing protective nets is one of the most effective methods to control the presence of starlings in urban and commercial areas. These nets are designed to cover large open spaces as well as specific structures where starlings are likely to nest or gather. By physically blocking access to potential nesting and gathering sites, the nets significantly reduce the starling population in targeted areas.
Protective nets can be installed around buildings, under roofs, in courtyards, or around food storage areas, thus preventing birds from entering. This method not only deters starlings from settling in these areas but also protects structures from damage caused by nests and droppings. The nets must be installed by professionals to ensure complete coverage without risking harm to birds, thus guaranteeing an effective and wildlife-friendly solution.



Bird Spikes

The use of bird spikes is another commonly employed strategy to prevent starlings from perching on ledges, signs, gutters, and other structures. These devices, made of long sharp metal or plastic rods, are installed on surfaces where birds are likely to land. Their design makes perching uncomfortable for starlings without causing them harm, acting as an effective deterrent.
Bird spikes are particularly useful in areas where aesthetic appearance is a concern, as they can be discreet and minimally invasive visually. Moreover, their installation is relatively simple and does not require regular maintenance, making them a practical and long-term solution for property managers. However, it is important to ensure that spikes are installed correctly and securely to avoid any risk of injury to birds or humans. By combining spikes with other control methods, it’s possible to create an effective integrated management strategy.


Importance of Professional Intervention

Managing starlings requires specific expertise, especially for significant infestations or when they settle in hard-to-reach areas. Pest control professionals possess the experience and tools necessary for effective intervention while minimizing risks to humans and the environment. Interventions are conducted with respect for the animals, favoring methods that do not cause them suffering. The proposed solutions aim to control the population while preserving the well-being of the birds.

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