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Usually, a recurring and preventive approach to pest management is more common in the commercial sector than in the residential one. However, subscribing to a residential protection plan offers numerous benefits, particularly against some common pests in Quebec.


Anticipation vs Reaction

Pests like carpenter ants, mice, and rats can cause significant and costly damage to a residence. A protection plan acts like insurance, preventing infestations before they become major problems. With the installation of a protection network and interventions at the start and end of the summer season, your home remains protected against a range of insects throughout the year, minimizing the risk of sudden infestations.


Specific Benefits of the Residential Protection Plan


Seasonal Treatment

Treatments are applied at key times of the year to counter the emergence and proliferation of pests specific to each season, ensuring maximum protection effectiveness.


Protection Network

Installing a protection network around your home creates a barrier against pest intrusions, reducing the need for emergency interventions.


Mosquito Control

Solutions are available to reduce mosquito populations in your yard, thus improving outdoor living quality during the warm months.


Long-term Savings

Subscribing to a residential protection plan may represent an initial investment, but the savings made by avoiding structural damage and emergency interventions can be substantial. Moreover, maintaining a healthy home environment enhances your and your family’s quality of life.




Investing in a residential pest management protection plan is a wise decision for homeowners in Quebec. Not only does it help preserve the integrity and value of your home, but it also ensures a healthier and more comfortable living environment, free from the nuisances caused by pest infestations. Consider it as insurance for your home, protection that guarantees peace of mind and long-term security.

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