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Ah, voles! These uninvited little guests sometimes decide to settle in our homes without paying rent. Although their presence is far from being a sign of the apocalypse, it’s understandable to want to reclaim your space. Follow our professional tips for a harmonious house-voles cohabitation, or rather to politely but firmly tell them: “It’s time to move out!”.



Recognizing the Presence of Voles



Unmistakable Signs

Do you hear little scratching noises or find mysteriously holed food packaging? Don’t panic, it’s a sign that voles are looking to cohabitate. Far from being food critics, they are just in search of an accessible pantry.


Voles, These Little Architects

Small but mighty, voles can leave marks of their passage. Little holes in walls or cozy nests in hidden corners are their signature. A sign that your house has become the new hotspot in town… for voles!



Why Do Voles Enter Houses?



In Search of Great Comfort

Voles aren’t picky. A bit of warmth, unlimited food, and voilà! Your house becomes the 5-star Airbnb for voles. They are mainly in search of a refuge during the less clement seasons.



Tips to Avoid Cohabitation


Secure Entry Points

A good start to avoid unwanted visitors is to secure your home. A bit like with vampires, if they’re not invited, they can’t enter. Check foundations, doors, and windows for any signs of passage.


Keep the Kitchen in Order

A clean kitchen and well-stored food is like telling voles: “Sorry, the restaurant is closed!” Make sure trash cans are tightly closed and that food is stored in resistant containers.



The Art of Encouraging Them to Leave


Natural Repellents

Voles are not fans of certain smells. Consider using natural repellents like mint or citronella oil to make them understand it’s time to look for another lodging.



If the situation requires it, traps can be a solution. The goal is not to declare war but to offer them a forced move, with humanity and professionalism.


When to Call an Exterminator?

If you feel like voles are organizing parties more frequently than your own family gatherings, it might be time to call an expert. Pest management professionals will know how to intervene effectively and discreetly.
Voles in the house? It’s not ideal, but it’s not a fatality either. With these tips, you have all the keys to manage the situation with serenity and professionalism. And who knows, maybe your little visitors will decide by themselves that the grass is greener elsewhere!





How can I detect the presence of voles in my house?

Signs include scratching noises, holed food packaging, and small entrances in the walls.


Why is my house attracting voles?

Voles are attracted by warmth, easily accessible food, and nesting shelters, especially during cold months.


How can I prevent voles from entering my house?

Secure potential entry points, keep your kitchen clean, and use natural repellents to deter them.


Should I use traps for voles?

Traps can be an option if the infestation is significant, but it’s recommended to use them responsibly and ethically.


When should I call a professional to manage voles?

If you feel overwhelmed by the situation or if home methods are not working, it’s time to call a pest management expert.

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