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Our company relies heavily on residential services. Some people are at risk of experiencing a mishap with Quebec’s parasites. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to the safe use of products approved in Canada. Interventions and treatments focus on the safety of the occupants, including children and pets.

In addition to the dangers and diseases that parasites can carry, they can be a nuisance to hygiene as well as to the general condition of your home. This is why our interventions are fast and effective.

  • Discreet vehicles
  • Certified technicians
  • Safe working methods
  • Fast and effective interventions
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With our many commercial extermination services, Exterminatek is committed to protecting your goods, food stocks, real estate, customers and staff.

  • Professional extermination service
  • Discrete exterminator vehicle
  • Evening or night service
  • Personalized and adapted treatments
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Public institutions are subject to demanding hygiene and safety standards. We provide professional pest control services to schools, municipal facilities, accommodation centers, hospitals and more.

Exterminatek’s pest control services are adapted and ajusted to the environment to be monitored. The plan of protection is studied and put in place in order to offer the spaces, a healthy environment, sheltered from parasitical presences.

  • Analysis of parasitic history
  • Complete protection plan
  • Follow-up on a regular basis
  • Detailed recommendations


Maintaining a good reputation is one of the main concerns of restaurant owners. It is not always easy to take care of the problems associated with parasite infestation, as this requires time, knowledge and technique. By entrusting your business to Exterminatek, you will benefit from professional, flexible and accessible service. We take care of light or advanced cases of parasitic infestations for your peace of mind and that of your customers.

It is important to prevent vermin related problems and solve them quickly. Take advantage of our free inspection and estimation service to find out all the advantages you can benefit from.

The food industry in Quebec is controlled by several organizations such as the City Inspection Service, MAPAQ, Health Canada, etc. With our backing, you will benefit from a support that will build trust.

  • Establish a bond of trust
  • Provide an adequate work environment
  • Maintain peace of mind
  • Preserve your reputation


In Québec, as elsewhere, hotels are at risk of bed bug infestation. Both your clients and your staff may be the victim of stings, psychological problems and stressful situations.

Our bed bug extermination solutions offer you the opportunity to get rid of this type of problem quickly in a safe way, but also to protect people inside the facility.

Trust our team of experts. Keep your customers protected and your reputation intact!

  • Implementation of preventive plans
  • Follow-up with your staff
  • Treatments without delay
  • Fast room reintegration
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Property management

Multi-dwelling buildings present a high risk of infestation due to the proximity of inhabitable areas. In fact, parasites can move easily and quickly through the structure of the building, causing local infestation to spread throughout the entire facility.

Exterminatek provides pest management services to respond quickly to urgent occupants needs or as a preventive measure. We work in an ethical, professional and respectful way towards the residents.

Contact us today for a quote, our extermination services are already offered among dozens of apartment buildings. We work for YOU with YOU!

  • Analysis of parasitic history
  • Complete protection plan
  • In-house management between occupants
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Follow-up on a regular basis

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