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Pest Control Services


Our extermination services are diversified and can be used to eradicate any type of parasitic infestations.


Here you want to get rid of crawling or flying insects that have infested your property.

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Here you want to eradicate rodent pests for your loved ones or your activities.


We use approved and safe products. Our certified exterminators have a good knowledge of the products and master their use. Treatments are adapted for each situation.

We specialize especially in bed bug treatments. Our exterminators have been successful with our customers because all our interventions are effective. Our customers also face other types of pest problems such as cockroaches, spiders, mice, etc. That is to say that we specialize in all types of treatments and adapt our solutions according to the situation.



Preventive treatment is for the general public. This type of treatment is recommended when parasites are suspected in the present or in the future.

The extermination prevention often helps solve problems before they become too big. That’s why many people or companies call on us for prevention.

This applies to the vast majority of parasites and is generally low cost Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on NO-RISK® and 360® treatments.

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Why use this service?

Outside spraying helps protect your home from invaders such as ants, spiders and even wasps. This prevents possible damage.

When should you do outside spraying?

Outside spraying is a seasonal treatment. We carry out spraying at the perimeter of your property on the exterior walls. The application period generally begins in May and a second visit is planned for August.

Should the treatment be continued the following year?

There are currently no products on the market capable of resisting the weather and the winter climate of the country. However our products and treatments are designed to protect your establishment throughout the summer season.



Why Caulking?

Many pest problems begin with the simple fact that a house, a dwelling, or a multipurpose space is badly caulked. In other words, harmful species from outside can access your facilities without difficulty.

What are the causes?

It can be your walls, doors, windows, or even your roof. We recommend caulking after most of our treatments, since often an opening can be the source of an infestation.

Can Exterminatek Caulk?

Our team carries out this type of work, when it comes to minor interventions, often at the request of customers who wish to have a turnkey job. It is also possible to perform preventive caulking, following the recommendations of the inspection report, this reducing the risk of a future pest presence.



This service is suitable for shops or people experiencing frequent and harmful birds. The estimate for this service is free and requires a site visit.

The control is carried out by the installation of systems to limit the activity of birds of all kinds around your property or places of pleasure.

The principle consists in the installation of various devices at strategic points, without modification or damage of the structure concerned (nets, cables and picks).

For example, bridges, electric poles and some buildings require this type of intervention and use this permanent solution. Subsequently, we can perform a verification to validate the functionality of the facilities. This can be done by tightening the cables or threads, replacing the picks, etc..

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Have you ever had the visit of these kind of invaders?

It is possible to get a visit, at certain times of the year, a skunk, a marmot, a raccoon or other. Often they settle down because they find a certain comfort, conditions favorable to lodging and to reproduce.

This can be characterized by holes or tunnels around your property, or the appearance of an opening in the damaged parts of your roof. This is typically characterized by noises in your ceiling, activity under your terrace, etc..

What will happen to them?

Our exterminators will intervene in a calm and humane way. All means will be put in place to relocate the animal or the small family in a safe place, far from your home. We have several working methods that respect the fauna and its environment.

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