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Asian ladybug


The ladybug is an integral part of our environment, and it is seen mostly during the summer season. Ladybugs are among the most beneficial insects.

  • Measures between 6 and 10 mm (0.24 to 0.39 inches)
  • Its color varies from yellow mustard to a deep reddish orange.
  • May have a variable number of blackheads on its elytra, or none.
  • The Ladybug does not sting
  • Does not transmit diseases
  • Does not infect food supplies
  • Voracious and effective predators against pests
  • Eats more than 50 species of aphids
  • The ladybug consumes thousands of pests
  • Fast breeding cycle
  • Protects residential gardens as well as vegetable crops
  • Gathers in large numbers in the fall and enters homes and other facilities as the cold weather approaches

If you experience a strong activity of Asian ladybug, such as an invasion of your property there are several solutions to control this nuisance.

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