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The marmot is a skilled builder of tunnels and underground galleries. In a few days, she can move up to 250 kg of dirt to build her burrow. The whole structure usually comprises several sections which can extend over several tens of meters.

  • Measures 40 to 65 cm in total length
  • A short bushy tail
  • The color of the fur varies from yellowish brown to dark reddish brown
  • The marmot prefers open spaces such as fields, clearings, sparse forests and rocky slopes
  • It usually digs its burrows in areas where it can feed on abundant grasses and other short plants
  • Usually settles under balconies, patios, sheds
  • The common marmot likes fresh vegetation and consumes a wide variety of wild plants and vegetables
  • Can feed on snails, insects or nestlings she finds by chance
  • Feeds on bark and small branches of shrubs in early spring
  • The female gives birth once a year to 3-4 small ones
  • It goes underground as soon as the frost arrives to hibernate
  • Hibernation begins between September and October and ends in March

If you identify tunnels in the vicinity of your house or facility, usually accompanied by large heaps of dirt, during the summer or near winter, then maybe you are cohabiting with this famous visitor.

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