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The mouse is a very active rodent with a high reproductive capacity. Among the large family of mice, we find the common mouse, the sylvestre mouse also called Mulot and the Deermouse.

Your home for the mouse and the mulots is a stable climate and a source of food. Indeed, the mouse will constantly be looking for flaws in the buildings, in order to find an access and prepare the place where it will shelter in the fall. Their invasion can be noticed around September to November, due to the approach of the great cold.

  • Its color varies from gray dust to brownish
  • Its size from head to tail is 12-21cm
  • Its adult weight is 10 to 21g
  • The tail is as long as the head and body combined
  • Active mostly at night, but can be seen during the day
  • Builds its nest with soft materials like grass, paper, pieces of fabric, insulation, or padding furniture in hidden places of isolated places
  • The nests are generally 13 cm in diameter with a small entrance hole on the side
  • It is omnivorous and therefore feeds on different foods such as cereals, insects, seeds, fruits, vegetation
  • The mouse takes only 3 g of food and a small amount of water per day
  • It also feeds on our foods like bread, flour, rice, wheat, chocolate, cakes, crisps, fruits, nuts, cookies, food from our pets
  • Lives 12-24 months
  • A female mouse can give birth to up to 40 small one in a year
  • May have up to 8 litters in one year with 6 to 10 small ones per litter

In case of activity, you will find excrement such as under the lever or behind your appliances. They often settle in the attic for the comfort that the mineral wool represents for the nest.

Mice can cause damage to buildings. Often the mouse will damage your plumbing or electrical cables, which can create a lot of damage. In addition, mice can transmit diseases, such as the deer mouse which is the main vector of hantavirus, which are fatal.

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