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The skunk takes up residence in places that are preferably dark and quiet, such as underneath a pile of wood, a shed, a veranda, a staircase or a porch.

  • The skunk has a black coat with a white stripe along the back
  • It can measure up to 45 centimeters without the tail
  • Throws a nauseous spray to defend itself
  • More often active at night
  • Prefers forested areas, grasslands and urban areas
  • The skunk feeds on wild berries, insects, worms, wasps, bees, eggs and vegetables.
  • The reproduction period is usually from February to March
  • A litter counts on average 4 to 7 small ones
  • The skunk is not active during the winter but does not completely hibernate

During the summer season, the skunk prefers to remain in an above ground shelter, but in winter and during the gestation period, it searches for underground places.

If you think one of these shelters is near you, call us without delay! An expert will be available to answer your questions and indicate the right steps to follow.

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