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Marmots can be unwanted visitors in your gardens and yards in Quebec. Although these animals are generally harmless, they can cause considerable damage to plants and structures. Effective marmot management can protect your green spaces and maintain the harmony of your environment.




Identifying marmots


Marmots, also known as whistle-pigs, are medium-sized rodents, usually measuring between 40 and 65 cm in length, with a bushy tail about 15 cm long. Their fur is brownish with shades of gray, and they have large front paws adapted for digging. Marmots prefer grassy areas and forest edges where they dig complex burrows.

How do I know if I have a marmot in my garden ?

Signs include burrow holes with mounds of earth, damaged plants, and sometimes visible marmots feeding.




The impacts of marmots


Marmots can cause various damages :

– Gardens and lawns : They dig burrows that can damage plant roots and lawns.

– Structures : Burrows can compromise the stability of structures such as foundations and sidewalks.

– Local ecosystem : Although marmots are part of the ecosystem, overpopulation can lead to excessive competition for food resources.




Preventive methods



To prevent marmots from entering your garden, here are some simple methods :

– Repellent plants : Plant herbs and plants that marmots dislike, such as mint, lavender, or basil, around the areas you want to protect.

– Regular cleaning : Keep the lawn and garden well-maintained by regularly removing piles of wood, stones, and other potential hiding spots for marmots.

– Food sources : Make sure not to leave pet food outside and secure trash bins to avoid attracting marmots.




Trapping and relocation methods


For cases where marmots are already present :

– Types of traps : Use live capture traps to catch marmots humanely. These traps, available at gardening stores and home improvement centers, allow for the capture of marmots without injuring them, and then release them into a more suitable habitat.

– Relocation procedure : Once captured, the marmot should be relocated to an appropriate habitat, away from residential areas, to minimize stress for the animal.

– Legal considerations : Always check local regulations regarding the capture and relocation of wild animals to ensure compliance with the law. If in doubt, consult the Government of Canada website.





Natural and ecological methods


For environmentally friendly management :

– Natural repellents : In addition to essential oils, commercial products made from natural components are available to repel marmots without harming the environment.

– Natural predators : Encouraging the presence of natural predators, such as birds of prey, can help control the marmot population in an ecological way.




Calling in professionals


In some cases, it may be necessary to consult professionals. If preventive and trapping methods are not enough, it is advisable to contact a pest management expert. Exterminatek offers professional and ethical solutions for marmot management, ensuring safe and effective intervention. Feel free to contact us if needed.






By adopting these simple and natural methods, you can manage the presence of marmots in your garden effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. Remember that with the right techniques, it is possible to protect your green spaces without harming these animals.

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