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A wide variety of invaders can be found among crawling and flying insects. Some of these flying insects are quite large, frightening or even pests.

You may often ask yourself if it is normal that the activity of flies, wasps, ladybugs or others is higher than usual.

A major infestation may occur near your home or inside, which is why it is very important to identify the source.

Moreover, it is possible to prevent this type of infestations by following these tips :

  • Check the perimeter of the house for traces of activity
  • Be careful not to keep any waste (food, dirty materials, etc.) near your home
  • Be sure to keep your home free from traces of food or other sources that may attract vermin
  • Carry out a caulking of your home’s coating
  • Install flightlights

If invaders are present inside your home, an infestation may already have occurred. In this situation, it is recommended to call on a professional in parasitic management.

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